This is the new Black Holes game.

The World Is Going Digital - TWIGD - Most people would agree that many things have been steadily moving towards digital for quite a few years and then were accelerated further by the pandemics demands for quarantining, reducing contact and staying home. So how can your business or industry adapt and leverage these new realities, tools and environment? Industries such as banking and shopping are examples of significant changes with people depositing checks and paying each others via their smart phone and shopping for pretty much anything online. Even catching a ride or getting food delivery can now start in a digital environment such as with Uber or Doordash.  Other businesses however like that of promotional products are still largely in the physical world.

TWIGD is here to help you, your business and your industry adapt to the changes in a way that will not only continue your success but enhance it by adding new products, solutions, tools and assets to your existing business.
Like all projects we had to start somewhere so the first product that we are bringing to market is GameSwag. Interesting note. The nickname of Swag for promotional goods is actually an acronym for Something We All Get.
In addition to the promotional items such as pens, pads, t-shirts and hats that you may already be using to promote your business why not add in a digital component, a game with your name on it or as we call it GameSwag. Its inexpensive compared to physical goods, it can be easily changed to represent a new logo or messaging or call to action and its eco-friendly, no physical goods or shipping involved.

The uses for GameSwag are many however there are three areas where we think it makes the most logical sense: 1) Businesses that already use physical swag can add in a digital component. Send a link to your game via email or text to thank a customer, donor or alumni or keep you top of mind with a prospect or prospective student.  2) Ad Sales - if you are selling advertising for a physical or online medium or both why not bundle in a branded game for your client to use with their customers? and, 3) The Waiting Game literally. If your business regularly requires your customers to wait for your product or service - think a coffee shop at the breakfast rush or a dentist office - why not give them a link to a branded game to keep them occupied and have your business truly stand out in their minds.