Your Name On A Game

The World Is Going Digital and you should too in order to stay relevant, grow your business and reduce costs. So how do you promote your company when your customers are working remotely, interacting digitally and living mostly through their phones. How can you drive more customers to digital channels and how can you turn wait time into customer delight.

#GameSwag - Your Name on A Game -  Your Logo, Your Message, and a Link to Your Landing Page or Website. Just send us your info and your game will be live the next day.

Easy, fast, less expensive and eco-friendly!

Games are the best way to engage your customers

2.2 billion people are playing mobile games worldwide - how many of them are your customers or prospects? Games make people happy and people are more likely to remember your brand and your message when it is linked to fun and enjoyment.
The new Black Holes game works on all devices as well.

Set Yourself Apart with a Digital Game

If you have people waiting for your service at a restaurant or a car services center or if you are trying to convert more offline sales to your digital channels to reduce staffing needs or if you want to turn a short wait into a way to delight your customers, why not give them a game to keep them busy and keep them coming back? Click Here for more info on how we work with restaurants. If you are using physical swag, why not complement that with a digital game that can be distributed via email or sms? If you sell advertising, why not bundle in a mobile game that includes your customers logo and message? 

GameSwag Is Easy, Fast and Eco-Friendly

  • Distribute games easily via email or SMS to your customers, donors or prospects.
  • Connect players to your landing page or website of choice for calls to action and discounts on their next order or free delivery or just keep them busy during a wait
  • Send us your logo, message and link and launch a game in a day, its easy, fast and less expensive than physical swag.
Games work on all devices and orientations. This is the SnowFort game.

What People Say About Us

Union Bay Risk AdvisorsUnion Bay Risk Advisors is working hard to stay close to our customers, who more and more are going remote and digital. Promobot is a really clever and lighthearted way to reach our clients and stay in their minds, and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback from clients!

Cheryl Sundberg
Union Bay Risk Advisors

As a Digital Marketing Agency, focusing on the insurance industry, OnIT Insurance Marketing needs to be up to date on the latest on everything digital. We were one of the first to offer a Promobot digital branded game to our existing clients, and its a great differentiator for us. And what is one way we attract new clients? By sending them a Promobot game. Promobot is double win for us.

Marni McCranie
Marni McCranie
OnIT Insurance Marketing

As a leading compliance consultant  to the cannabis industry, Can-Comply needs to be out front in our clients’ minds over a long period of time, as our sales cycle takes some time.  Promobot games measure client engagement, so we have concrete evidence Can-Comply is getting through to our prospective clients.   Promobot has been the most effective, and cost-effective, marketing platform we’ve found so far!

Andres Velez
Cannabis Compliance Center