How Restaurants Can Grow and Save Money Using Games

The first product TWIGD brought to market is GameSwag. Instead of giving someone a hat, pen or water bottle with their logo on it why not give them a branded mobile game instead. This branded game then provides entertainment as well as branding and a potential call to action. Its also environmentally friendly - no waste, no pens thrown out before you leave the trade show.


Recently, restaurants have come to the forefront as another potential vertical that could benefit from GameSwag in addition to our others such as colleges and universities and media companies. The restaurant industry is struggling in several areas due to COVID such as moving back and forth between in person and to go, having trouble hiring people, etc. We think that GameSwag could be a way to help and here are a couple of use cases that seem to be a great fit.

Use Cases

There are two key use cases that are gaining a lot of traction in the restaurant industry now.

1) Why are we waiting - Some major challenges for restaurants these days are the struggle to find adequate staff, sometimes reduced indoor facilities, and more take out orders. This means customers are stuck waiting to be served or waiting for their food. Why not turn this time into a chance to entertain and thank your customers as well as offering them something else like free delivery with their next order or a discount next time, etc. Customers simply play the game while they're waiting and click the link if they want to take advantage of the offer. Waiting time is converted into a positive experience and a chance to differentiate the restaurant. In this instance the game could easily be distributed via a QR code on a sign near the take out window or on a sign at the table or emailed or texted after captured the customer's contact info.. HERE is a link to a blog post that provides a broader overview of how restaurants could use games to promote themselves.

2) Convert customers to digital - some restaurants we are working with are struggling to hire people but also struggling to stay profitable. One issue is that too many people are calling to order or ordering in person for take out and not leveraging digital channels. When a physical channel sale is made, the restaurant asks for an email address or mobile number to provide the customer with a free game. The branded game then has an offer for a discount off the next order if made digitally with a link to the online menu. The customer appreciates the gift and they are then prompted to go digital for the next order with an incentive, the discount. More digital orders means fewer resources needed to answer phones.

Right now we have three games in market: SnowFort, SandCastle and Black Holes with more to come. We are also developing the games modularly so that we can provide more customization beyond just branding, colors and messaging in the future. And finally, we are developing a crypto-based rewards ecosystem to eventually allow game players to use the points they win in the game to not only buy things at the restaurant but perhaps anywhere.

If your restaurant is looking for an inexpensive and easy way to delight your customers, convert more of them to digital channels, keep them entertained while they are waiting and keep them coming for more, contact us at We are committed to helping restaurants come back strong from COVID and are happy to work with you to make this doable. We are also working with various food related charities to donate part of the revenue.