Your Name On A Game

Your Name On A Game!

How can you promote your brand, your non-profit, your message or your business in a world that is going digital? You can certainly continue to buy t-shirts and hats, pens and pads, and all other kinds of physical swag. At TWIGD we even buy such things. But, why not venture into the digital world as well to promote your business.

With digital branded games, you can capitalize on the literally billions of people around the world who play games online and on their mobile device. You can launch new games with new messages and links over night. No need to wait for products to be printed or shipped. Just send us your logo, your message and link and you'rr good to go by the next day.

Each game will have your choice of logo to represent your brand, your custom message and a link to your landing page or web page of choice. And, these can be changed as often as you want.

Also, you can easily distribute these games via email or SMS message to your customers, prospects, donors or other stakeholders.

The world is going digital so why not give it a try? Contact us for more information.